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Mister Games is a pioneer in rediscovering the art of gaming with new arenas for better gaming experience. Play rummy with the best gaming features for easy money and for an otherworldly gaming experience. Join the Rummy family now.

About Us

Who we are?

Mister Games is a new age PC and mobile game developer, web gaming portal and the creator of Mister Rummy. We at Mister games aspire to develop and distribute addictive, innovative and irreverent online games enjoyed by all age groups. Our goal is to maintain our values of integrity, inclusion and most of all, continue to provide a great place for our users to come and have hours of great fun.

What we do?

We at Mister games offer the best gaming content for gaming enthusiasts with commitment and dedication. We aim to please diverse gamers with our one-for-all games and content. Mister games was built on innovation. We provide a platform for gaming patrons to play anytime, anywhere and for however long they want. We aim to break the mold and redefine gaming standards.

Our values

Mister Games and its employees run on its values. We look for integrity while providing an inclusive arena for gamers. We are fearless and focused on building great games. We survive on our can do attitude and we encourage our users to do the same.We work closely with our gaming developers to provide what our users want and need.

Our Product

Mister Games, as a start up, currently focuses on its sole game Mister Rummy. Mister Rummy is brought to you by Mister Games India Pvt Ltd, the first of its kind. The official gaming website and the app will be available on android in April, 2019.

Rummy is of the most popular and loved card game in india. Mister Rummy offers you a number if rummy variations. Play tournaments, practice and cash games and win Real Cash. You can play the game on the website or you can install the app.

Our Story

Mister Games is an internet based Gaming company, new to the gaming environment in India. However, working behind the curtains are a group of professionals, highly experienced in gaming and media. Every single employee at Mister Game works towards maximizing the potential of our product. You can see a little bit of every employee in our product.

Mister Games is a startup with big dreams with the sole objective of engaging our players and lead them into a new age gaming experience. No more settling. Our players hold the jokers.


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COVID-19 a pandemic is mercilessly claiming many innocent lives across the globe. It is our responsibility as a citizen to support our government in eradicating the deadly virus. Let us show our unity by following the slogan STAY HOME, STAY SAFE AND HYGIENE. While staying home, it is very crucial to keep ourselves entertained to...


For a rummy enthusiast to choose between a cash game and a tournament, it is an utterly confusing and difficult choice. Both of the games have their respective pros and cons. At the end of the day, it comes down to the matter of preference. Although the rules of the game and the details...

DO’s & DON’Ts in Rummy Game

There are certain Do’s and Don’ts that a player must know of while playing rummy. These are what make Rummy exciting and challenging to play.  Form a sequence at the very beginning of the game. You will need a pure sequence to win the game. Start making it. Use the wild joker when you...

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