COVID-19 a pandemic is mercilessly claiming many innocent lives across the globe. It is our responsibility as a citizen to support our government in eradicating the deadly virus. Let us show our unity by following the slogan STAY HOME, STAY SAFE AND HYGIENE. While staying home, it is very crucial to keep ourselves entertained to overcome the fear induced by the virus. Thus Mister Rummy has put forward 100% effort to make the online rummy available to the players 24/7 without any interference. During this lockdown period, the players can continue playing rummy to stay cheerful and self-entertained. As we know “happiness is the only medicine to cure all pains” hoping for the brighter days ahead. 

  • Do not let your enthusiasm drift apart from you.
  • Do not let your happiness depart from you
  • Do not let your hope fade out of you.
  • As every war ends and a new empire is built,
  • there is no stop for evolution.
  • Cheer up! Continue playing rummy.

Let us make the best out of our leisure time – Read to understand rules of the game and Practice to master the skills of the game. Mister Rummy has excellent game plans running throughout the year, along with outstanding rummy variants. It is a real challenge for the players to choose one particular game from a palette of the best choices. Thus we are here to share a few tips guiding you to choose a right game at the right time.


As a rummy player, one must understand the difference between long duration and short duration games.  At times the players initiate the game by depositing the game fee and end up abruptly in the mid of ongoing the game. The reason being an immediate work or lack of concentration due to the external stress. Under such circumstances, the players are left with very minimal options, either to drop the game (if the option is available) or opt for an exit without anticipating a cashback, as there is no chance to pause an ongoing game. Thus be wise while choosing the game for the day and success follows the moment you understand the outer consequences along with good rummy skills. 


  • On a busy day with very little time in hand, it is always a wise decision to play short duration games e.g. points rummy or Deal Rummy.
  • On a leisure day or during your homestay period it is recommended to long-duration games e.g Pool Rummy or Leaderboards etc. 

As an online Rummy player, it is very important to have practical gaming skills along with theoretical knowledge. “Practice makes a man perfect” The players need to practice the game with different rummy variants and which gives them the ability to overcome the challenges encountered during particular gameplay. All registered players can avail Mister Rummy 24/7 free games facility to enhance their gaming skills. Thus make your leisure hours most valuable by mastering the art of rummy with more practice. 

Tip: Practicing rummy regularly has many benefits 

  • Helps in controlling your emotions.
  • Enhances rummy skills & ability to master the game tricks.
  • A fair analysis of time confined to a particular game.
  • Helps in self-assessment such as strength and weakness.
  • It helps in deciding the game that best suits your Mind-set etc.

As a responsible registered player put into a habit to regularly check for the new features and updates available on the Mister Rummy. Know the ongoing promotional offers, leaderboard contests, tournament and never the late don’t forget to explore the rummy variants to break the monotony in the game. If you are stuck in a particular game for a long duration and looking for a change then rummy variants can add a spark to your game. On this note let’s take a glance on Mister Rummy game variants: 

Points Rummy: It is the fastest game variant in Indian rummy. If a player wants to make quick money in minutes than Points Rummy is the favorite choice. Fast to play, Fast to win feature has made it special, attracting millions of players. 

  1. It can be played between 2 to 6 players with 2 decks of cards.
  2. The game is played with points but the chip value is pre-decided before the game begins. All the players are given an equal number of chips and the winner gets all the chips/cash at the end of the game.
  3. The players can choose the table according to their preferences.
  4. The regular rummy rules are followed in the process of melding the cards.
  5. A player must have one pure sequence followed by other pure/impure sequences made with the help of joker or regular cards as per the rummy rules before declaring the game.
  6. First Drop value = 20 points, Middle Drop after picking a card = 40 points, wrong show = 80 points and maximum score (without a pure sequence) = 80 points (per show)
  7. The winner gets zero points and gets the privilege to win the cash depending on the opponent’s score.
  8. Formula To Calculate Winning 

Winning Amount = (Total opponent’s points) x (pre-decided chip value) – Rake


  • It is like a quick race – in less time you can play more games.
  • Points rummy is the best choice for all the players –  having minimal time to ample time.
  • Winning or losing happens within minutes.
  • Excitement to the peak and keeps the players fasten to their seats. It’s the ultimate fast forward game to catch up.

Pool Rummy: It is played with fixed points and the players have to pay the fixed entry fee to participate in a particular game. To play Pool Rummy players need more time compare to Points Rummy. 

  1. It can be played between 2 to 6 players with 2 decks of cards.
  2. Pool rummy is played with 101 points or 201 points.
  3. The players can choose the table according to the entry fee.
  4. The Total entry fee collected from all the players in the final pool prize for the winner.
  5. The highest scorer takes the exit and the least scorer after sum totalling of all the games is declared as a winner.
  6. First Drop value = 20 points, Medial Drop after pick a card = 40 points, wrong show = 80 points and maximum score (without a pure sequence) = 80 points (per show), consecutive three drops = 40 points.
  7. The split option is also available for the player to share the game amount on mutual understanding.


  • It is like a marathon – If you have ample time, completely a leisure day then Pool rummy is a great choice to play.
  • Pool rummy needs patience and observation skills.
  • Make your show soon to give your opponents a high score.
  • Here Number of wins does not matter all that adds value is getting the least score.
  • Be quick to reduce your scores if the game is not favouring you in a particular game.
  • Every round the players display their best rummy skills, so there is no chance for game drifting. It is power power packed with entertainment.

Deal Rummy – it is very much similar to pool rummy but here the game is played with a pre-decided number of deals instead of points. Such as the best of three, best of two, etc. 

  1. It can be played between 2 to 6 players with 2 decks of cards.
  2. The number of deals to win a particular game is pre-decided.
  3. Each player gets virtual chips and at the end of the game, the player with the least score gets all the chips and will be declared as a winner. E.g. The best of two deal: the player with the least score gets winning prize and the highest scorer above 80 points exits the game. The total game score is made after two rounds of games.
  4. There is no drops option in Deal Rummy
  5. If there is a tie between two players a tie-breaker round will be introduced to declare the winner.


  • Deal rummy is like a fusion of race and marathon; the Player can choose the game according to their comfort. It gives total freedom for the player to decide on how much times he/she prefers to invest in playing a particular game.
  • Here patience does not work, all that works is smartness and quick response to opponents. Sharp rummy skills along with good observation skills adds value to the game.
  • Make your show soon to give your opponents a high score.

Along with the above rummy variants, the best promotional offers and leaderboards are available at Mister Rummy. The players can explore and win many exciting rewards. Make your homestay exciting and your leisure hours benefitting. 

About the author: Shwetha

My work experience in the Advertising & Designing field has given me substantial knowledge about product branding and marketing strategy involved in brand promotion. Continuing my passion for creativity, I have taken up creative writing as my full-time profession. I strongly believe in “the pen is mightier than the sword” thus it is very essential to reach out to the people about a brand or a business with utmost clarity by producing edifying content. My writing style involves a more narrative way, similar to storytelling. I use simple and conveyable language to provide in-depth knowledge about a particular topic starting from the beginner’s level.

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